brand story

AURAHERA is a contemporary fashion label for the new woman.

We pride ourselves on our creation of a wide range of feminine collections - from emphasis on structured and timeless silhouettes, to bold prints and luxurious sophisticated pieces. Our quality garments present an elevated yet easy-to-wear look catered for the multi-faceted lifestyle of the modern woman. We hope to celebrate femininity as the new strong in the modern world, and evoke the free spirit in all our wearers in their everyday outfit.

Defined by our embrace of change and unwavering optimism, AURAHERA is committed to helping every woman strive towards self-actualization. We recognize that as human beings, we continue to seek personal growth, peak experiences, and meaning in life. Each of us has our own unique reason for being, our ideal self, goals, ambitions, and dreams.

AURAHERA believes that every woman already has the elements to achieve who she aspires to be; who you aspire to be, you are her (#URHER). You have the power within you to drive change - spread your wings and reach your dream.

And as part of the process of becoming and achieving, we demonstrate diamond strength and resilience (particularly as women, as we deal with gender norms and societal expectations).


Not just an ordinary fashion label, the DNA of the AURAHERA brand is a women’s powerhouse - every little piece of work that we do, we want to lift women up. Not overlooking any single aspect, including our brand label tag (which is widely forgotten); our brand label tag is designed to inspire, and also reflects our commitment to sustainability as it can be re-used as a bookmark.


AURAHERA believes that we are all heroine of our own story. Beauty begins, the moment we lift ourselves up and own our dream. Our vision is to empower women to express their unique colours, through not only fashion but also to connect, celebrate and strive as a community. We want to celebrate every woman’s diamond strength, sophistication and resilience as part of the grand story of #URHER, through the AURAHERANS CLUB, as a community of strong women.



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