Signature Collection

Debuting our Signature Collection with 'The Feminine Strength' after 8 months in the making.


AURAHERA Signature Collection is a series of prints designed to reflect our brand soul essence. The collection marries classic silhouettes with our bold and creative approach to colour and print. Each print has a story that celebrates the diamond strength, resilience and sophistication of every woman; and boosts the spirit and confidence of our wearers.

The feminine her is strong.


Reflecting our brand soul essence - 'The Feminine Strength' celebrates femininity and that every feminine woman is a strong woman.

The feathers - seemingly light and soft - actually are as strong as carbon fibre; lift off the earth and glide through the skies in the form of wings. Like femininity, where there is strength in gentleness, bravery in softness.

'The Feminine Strength' is available in 4 timeless styles and a scarf.

Available in XL, L, M, S, XS.


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